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    LA Gate Q&A Sample

    Q:What is the purpose of you coming to the United States?/ Why are you here?

    A:We plan to givie the birth to my baby in here.

    Q:Is the first time to here?(來過美國幾次?)

    A:No.I had come to here 2 times.One in…another in…

    Q:How long will you been in US?/ How long will you stay in US?

    A:I hope to stay for 3 months.

    Q:Have you booked return ticket?/Show me the tickets/Show your return tickets

    A:Yes.Here you are.

    Q:Why do you want to come to the United States have children?/Why are you not giving birth in China?

    A:I got pregnant by accident, To get abortion is not an option for me and my family .But We will pay for everything by our selves ,will not take up America's welfare.We bring thirty thousand dollars in cash ,and some credit cards .We will take the baby to get her back to China after birth.(強調2胎在國內生的話會受迫害)

    Q:How long have you been pregnant?When is your due date? Do you have any certificate from the doctor?

    A:weeks. My due date will be?.Here’s a copy of diagnos is certificate from my doctor.

    Q:Where are you live in the United States?

    A:we will live in one hotel firstly,then find another hotel near by the hospital..Here’s the hotel booking in formation.

    Q:When did you get you rvisa?You didn't say on your visa to come to the United States to give birth,You lied to visa officer,is it? / Why 160 form is travel?/ Why did you not tell the visa officer you were pregnant when you applied for the visa?

    A:I applied my visa in XXX by transmission. We were planning to travel to HERE .I didn’t lie to the visa officer because the officer do not ask me about my pregrant or not.

    Q:Do you find the hospital and the doctor?/Where will you deliver the baby?

    A:Yes .I have an appointment with Doctor Hanon XXX in XXX hospital .Here’s the in for mation.

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